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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 10, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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lottery officials will address the public this morning. >> the so called buffett rule back in the headlines as president barack obama gets ready to make a big push on raising taxes on the wealthy. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. there is a live lookout side sunrise just a short time ago a pretty start to the day another dry day not necessarily a good thing. tell you about that shortly it is tuesday, april 10th, 2012 good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour happy you are with us today i was surprised to learn you guys don't have a make up artist. tucker barnes joining us now with more in the weather department. can this be trial? >> allison must have a special deal. >> she does you can tell by how beautiful she looks every day >> i abrie don't ever do a close up. >> not on you -- agree don't ever do a close up.
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>> not on you. lots of sunshine to start your day dry conditions red flag warning, back at noon as we will have windy and dry conditions low humidity, cool start 47 washington, 47 baltimore, kids want a jacket here as they head out to the bus stop because our afternoon high temperatures will only be 60, and we are going to have pretty good winds, winchester 37 otherwise nice start to your day your sentinel radar nothing to report looking at quiet conditions unlike yesterday when we had a few afternoon showers develop today will be dry partial cloudiness during the course of the afternoon, here is your forecast, breezes, winds out to have west gusting to 30 and your high temperature today cooler than yesterday, 61 degrees at 4:00 p.m. more details on the forecast coming up in a minute let's do traffic and drum roll, julie wright is back. >> there is the drum roll that is what i was waiting for.
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you haven't mastered that yet tucker? that just sounds like you are running off the set >> i am trying do the traffic. >> that usually happens when i come on. all right northbound 5 here throughout the road, checking for accident activity out of waldorf, heads up. inbound 11th street bridge, inbound new york avenue south dakota, tieing up the right side of the road you will find yourself in a jamb as you work your way out of 50. outer loop of the belt way slow, heading around georgia avenue that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you new this morning while you were sleeping a car crashed into the capitol reflecting pool this happened 3:00 a.m. this morning police say after the crash two suspects ran from the scene, they both were taken into custody, a short time later. police gun from inside the vehicle. we will continue to follow this
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story throughout the morning. maryland general assembly's regular session has come to an end, state lawmakers still have a lot of work to do the legislature could continue in a regular session. after 90 days they passed a bare bones budget that contained spending cuts but not revenue increases they could not reach an agreement before the session ended lawmakers failed to approve a measure that would expand gambling in the state of maryland this is the first time in two decades the maryland legislature hasn't completed work on the budget during a regular session. another big story this morning that mega millions jackpot in maryland finally after nearly two weeks of drama we may have a real winner. >> lottery officials say someone has come forward with a winning ticket. melanie alnwick is live in baltimore with new developments good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison well, we do know the
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winning ticket was purchased on the day of the drawing, that was friday march 30th and we also know it was purchased at that 7 eleven store in milford mill maryland but will not learn the identity the person wishes to remain anonymous. they are planning to hold a press conference an hour from now they do promise they have a wonderful story about the true maryland mega millions winner, the person who had the winning ticket presented that ticket to lottery headquarters here on monday, we do know it is not the mcdonald's shift manager who got a lot of attention for herself last week when she claimed she got the winning ticket and then that she misplaced it. the winner according to lottery officials went into that 7 eleven in milford mills maryland and went and got a
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quick pick ticket, paid just $1, bought nothing else and walked out a former lottery director said it is not unusual for drama to surround a jackpot this big. >> when there is a big mega millions or power ball jackpot an exciting lottery game you often have people who come forward looking for publicity trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. >> reporter: but then you also have a lot of winners who do want to keep their identity a secret for obvious reasons we know in addition, the kansas winner has said that he or she wishes to remain anonymous the winner in illinois however will not have that option because illinois law requires a big jackpot winner to basically show their faces to prove that the money actually went to a real person, that illinois winner has not come forward yet the other interesting thing all three winners have in common they all used the quick pick the select their winning numbers.
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allison and tony back to you. >> note to self, use quick pick. checking some of our other top stories a man is dead after police involved shooting inland over maryland. last night authorities say a prince georges county police officer approached three suspects acting suspiciously and they all ran off the officer ran after them and caught up with one of the suspects after a struggle, the officer attempted to phase that person the suspectallegedly reached for a gun an officer is on routine administrative leave pending investigation. charges may soon be filed in the death of a 6-year-old in clinton maryland who accidentally shot himself the little boy found a gun in a book bag and accidentally shot himself, he later died at a local hospital this all unfolded yesterday afternoon at the home he was staying in, in arbutus lane. police say the book bag was owned by an unrelated 20-year-
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old man also staying at that house. any weapon inside of a home has to be secured, and it can't be stored in a way that allows access to other people particularly young children and that didn't occur here the day so there are some very obvious violations of the law that occurred. >> i don't think you should have them with kids regardless,. >> reporter: police are working with the state's attorneys office to figure out what charges may apply in the case. new developments in the trayvon martin case george zimmerman the neighbourhood watch captain who said he shot the unarmed black teen in self- defense will not be charged with first degree murder but could still face manslaughter charges after the special prosecutor assigned to the case decided not to take the case to the grand jury. this morning zimmerman is
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putting out a public plea for help with his legal defense he has a website the real george asking for donations giving his side of the story his attorneys confirmed the authenticity of the site he writes again quote as a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage i have been forced to leave my home, school, employer, family and ultimately my entire life he said he needs help paying for his attorneys and his living expenses. we are going to talk more about the trayvon martin case including what charges if any zimmerman would face coming up 7:30 a.m. and more on why the special prosecutor decided not to take this to a grand jury. two men charged in a shooting rampage in tulsa oklahoma, confessed to the crime 19-year-old jake england said he shot three people and alvin watts shot two.
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one motive may have been england's desire to avenge his fathers shooting death by a black man two years ago. a well known conservative activist group continues its investigation into voter fraud turning its cameras on primary day in dc last week. >> you have an eric holder? i have my id. >> you don't need it sir as long as you are here you are on our list and that is who you say you are, you are okay. >> someone with project veritoss walked into a dc poll location and asked if they had u.s. attorney general eric holder on the registration roll within moments someone offered him eric holders ballot to
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vote. we will talk more about this at 9:00 a.m. this morning when james o'keefe joins us life. president obama will today, make another pitch to boost taxes on millionaires and billionaires this is the so called buffett rule. >> this draws sharp contrast with mitt romney and sets up an election year battle. doug luzader takes a closer look. >> reporter: president obama will make his case for the so called buffett rule to raise taxes on high earners. his critics call it class warfare for the president this is merging as a dominant campaign theme he will head to florida to make the case that is now part of just about every pitch on the economy now, the buffett rule named after billion air warren buffet. as i and warren buffet pointed out many times now he is paying a lower tax rate than his secretary that is not fair it is not right,. >> reporter: the rule would create a minimum tax rate of 30% for those who earn at least
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a million dollar as year even if they are taxed on investment income for some that could double what they pay. the white house acknowledges that it won't do much to change the nations finances, it is estimated to raise $47 billion or so over the next 10 years, at the same time the government racks up another $7 trillion in debt and the senate is likely to shoot the idea down next week but does allow the president to go after one wealthy investor in particular, mitt romney, who says now is not the time to raise taxes on anyone. >> tax increases make it harder for businesses to hire. >> reporter: republicans call it class warfare but with income taxes coming due in a few days the obama campaign sees it as an issue that will resonate with tax payervoters. if it is a carefully crafted campaign message after the president speaks about this in florida, he will attend three
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campaign fundraisers in washington doug luzader fox news. 7:11 a.m. on tuesday morning coming up north korea takes another bold step towards launching a satellite. >> he was the last american male diver to win olympic gold this morning, we remember a local champion who passed away far too young. dry weather conditions lead to a series of brush fires in the northeast. progress report is next. >> as we head to break a live lookout side. weather from tucker and julie it is 12 minutes after 7:00 a.m. hey, what do you think "artisan" means? it's latin. for what? really, really good bagels. dunkin's new artisan bagels are as authentic as it gets. soft, chewy, and delicious. grab one today.
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 honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents. we begin overseas in north corey crash during a rare news
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conference space -- korea, during a rare news conference, space officials said they are ready for the launch. it is said to be late birthday celebrations, the north denied again the satellite launch is a cover for a missile test. olympic gold dive fresh fredericksburg virginia died mark lyndsey passed away yesterday so far no word on cause of death he switched from wrestling to diving in the mid- 1980s he went on to win a gold medal in 1992 and bronze in 1996 no american male diver has won an olympic medal since then a funeral and viewing will be held today in greenville north carolina, mark lyndsey was just 43 years old. hmm. rough weather has been sweeping across parts of oklahoma, at least two tornadoes touched down late monday. dropped softball sized hail,
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injured two people and damaged a county jail. >> nothing here very quiet. >> we could use some weather in the form of rain. >> desperately only picked up a tenth of an inch of rain this month and only an inch since march 1st a lot of area gardens farmers need that rain once again today we are under increased risk for fire because of the winds and low humidity and lack of rain. >> seen it on my weather ap. >> me too. >> we got to do something about it, aall righted me every 10 minutes. i was like enough i don't need to be alerted every 10 minutes. >> your bus stop forecast, we will fix it allison -- it is back it took a week off with you. >> that's right. >> now it is back better than ever. partly sunny skies cool temperatures upper 30s and mid- 40s and you know what, we will be cooler today than yesterday.
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definitely bring along a jacket. 46 washington 30s off to the north and west chicago 35 degrees, buffalo 37 and most of the warm air right where it should be this time of year eastern texas louisiana, currently 67 degrees in new orleans, just look agent a few other spots, 20s international falls, minnesota. all right satellite radar we are looking quiet, upper level low which you can't see here across the great lakes, underneath that banner that will have a tendency to keep things cooler give us a few spokes of energy. bottom line temperatures will be cool windy again later today and at least the possibility of a few showers in the forecast tomorrow, that is really our only chance of rain in the next 5 to 7, maybe 8 days, let's home we squeeze out a few showers your 5 day forecast, 62 today, 50s for the next couple days, daytime highs and then a nice rebound, 70 saturday, 80
7:19 am
by sunday and monday. >> i am going to like that. >> that will be beautiful. >> i like that better than tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be fine. >> a little cool and chilly. >> i made up a new word julie. >> but you would never say that cool temperature would go with me. >> that is true. >> allison and i are having luncheon the patio. >> sounds good. >> that is what we are doing and we are using tony's credit card but don't tell him. >> you won't get much. >> lanes open out of rockville no problems to report 270 sluggish below speed passing 109, lanes open, german town and rockville outer loop of the belt way remains slow 95 past georgia avenue, southbound 95 on the brakes approaching the exit for the outer loop no incidents to report headed out toward it is belt way, 395 into
7:20 am
the sunshine express laned, headed out toward it is parking lot stretches from the belt way to seminary road inbound across the 14th street bridge that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. all right one developing story this morning tucker was talking about it, dry and windy weather for us it means another day under the red flag warning over concerns about possible brush fires. a trio of states in the northeast, dealing with fires that scorched hundreds of acres, as aiynsley earhart reports crews are working to get a handle on the blazes. >> reporter: in southern new jersey, crews are working tirelessly to get a massive brush fire under control a combination of dry winds, has expanded flames to 600-acres a number of area residents are concerned about safety of their homes. >> everybody is concerned sees it close by and watching the wind and weather trying to get information. >> it was horrifying too close
7:21 am
for comfort right behind our home. >> reporter: half of that fire has been contained in milford connecticut a fire there caused a temporary shut down of train service both metro north amtrak suspended operations in the area, after flames encroached upon railroad tracks crews say poor weather conditions make fighting the flames difficult. >> right now with everything being dry and not having a lot of water over the last couple days it is extremely dangerous for us, we want everybody to be on alert. >> reporter: fire crews were busy in the new york borage of staten island it could be another day before they have it under control. severe wind gusts are causing crews to change their method of attack. >> the embers and everything flying into the firefighters faces we had to move from behind. >> reporter: no homes have been destroyed only a handful of firefighter suffered minor injuries in new york, aiynsley earhart, fox news. it is 7:21 a.m.
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on tuesday morning, the debate over president obama's health care law is about to come under even more fire we will explain that. >> relief on the way for struggling homeowners coming up next what the federal government is doing to help get the housing market back on track. >> one of a kind event happening at the capitol hill art workshop you are invited. dancers ands actors, musicians, artists coming together to celebrate its 40th anniversary holly morris is learning about it and getting a lesson in ceramics we will check with her a little later 
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teenage birthrates continue to drop new government data shows nearly every state saw a decline in teen births between 2007 and 2010, only west virginia, montana, and north dakota had rate that is stayed
7:26 am
the same the highest rate mississippi, lowest new hampshire the cdc report shows pregnancy prevention efforts are working. it could ignite another debate on the economic impact of president obama's health care reform law a leading conservative says the law would add $330 billion to the federal deficit, repealing the law would increase deficits by $210 billion from 2012 to 2021 tony. allison some good news for struggling homeowner it is federal government is expected to propose new rules that will give homeowners more ways to avoid foreclosure they will require mortgage service companies to give all borrowers, standardized monthly statements and warn about interest rate insurance changes they will have to make a strong effort to let borough es know they are at risk -- borrowers,
7:27 am
know they are at risk of foreclosure. it is now 7:26 a.m. on tuesday morning, some big name celebrities will be in town this weekend for the cherry blossom parade we will tell you who next. plus a big decision in the trayvon martin case a grand jury will not look into the teenagers death the news sparked even more outrage debate, massive protests too coming up a law expert will join us with a closer look at what is next pgh >> as we head to break, a live lookout side latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie up next 7:27 a.m. 
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk.
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if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> kef the national cherry blossom -- >> the national cherry bros some festival is still going on it happened this saturday 10:00 a.m. rain or shine giants balloons marching bands and elaborate floats travel down constitution avenue, this year's celebrities ... entertainers, debbie gibson and finalists from american idol. katie couric and alex trebek
7:31 am
will be the hosts. some times it is windy and cold. >> not this year. >> the cherry -- seems like forever. >> seems like it is a long time ago it is an extended festival this year. >> all right. >> weather should be fine for them. should be fine today a little on the cool side, highs 60 degrees or so winds back in the forecast as well. >> all right. >> got to live with it. >> that's right. >> it is fine, it is april. numbers currently, on the cool side, let's see if we are still hanging out 30s parts of the area, north and west, 39 is the winning number, frederick good morning 39 degrees, 39 as well in gaithersburg, 37 manassas, 39 out at dulles warmer east
7:32 am
annapolis, 39 in leonard town, all right want to mention, red flag warning once again in effect today, goes into effect at noon combination of low humidity, gusty winds they will gust today to 30, 35 miles per hour that combination not good particularly when we have been so dry, as we have around here for the past several months really since march 1st picked up an inch of rain conditions conducive to rapidly growing fires, be careful gain later today those winds will only make things worse. satellite radar otherwise a decent looking day lots of sunshine for the first half clouds fill in a little later this afternoon as flow will be out of the north and west you can't see it here but a big upper level low over the great lakes and we will see, energy come down and we are hoping during the day tomorrow we can get enough energy into the washington area, enough lift we
7:33 am
can get a few showers across the area that is our only chance for the next week otherwise a steady forecast nice warming trend, after a couple cool days 62, still breezy, there are your winds gusting to 30 miles for hour this afternoon hold on to your hats partly cloudy skies, freeze warning to communities out to the west, parts of western maryland, west virginia, freeze warning there is your five day cool, a few showers 55 and a warming trend near 70 by saturday, maybe near 80 by sunday and monday sunshine, so again it will feel much like april and may, in a couple days, that's weather let's do traffic let's see if julie wright is offering up a nice forecast. >> mother nature working against us tucker problems on the roads, travelling northbound 5, police tell me they are on the scene of the crash northbound waldorf, heads up there, annandale towards
7:34 am
66th, 17 minute commute accident involved with a bus, effecting your commute, as you cross over the belt way, i mention mother nature throwing us a curve ball because of sunshine delays, 395, grid lock, seminary road slow traffic continues northbound, leaving the pentagon, inbound across the 14th street bridge there is a sunshine delay, as you work past connecticut avenue towards georgia avenue. big developments in the trayvon martin case the special prosecutor says she won't take it to a grand jury as her predecessor planned on doing what drive it is decision to seek out our turn down a grand juries involvement, joining us the paul butler, current george washington university law professor welcome back. >> thanks allison great to be here. >> when we heard this news, i think that people thought okay,
7:35 am
then this will just go to her office she will make the decision whether to charge george zimmerman or not, but can you straighten out details exactly what goes into a decision like this, to not have a grand jury. >> sure let's understand what grand juries do all they are are big juries they have 23 people and they investigate crimes and then they can charge people with crimes and the standard is probable cause a lot lower than what is needed for conviction which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt but a prosecutor can do the same thing she can investigate and charge, florida, the law is only if it is first degree murder, that is like a capitol offence, premeditated murder so it is more likely that the charge here, if there is one will be manslaughter or another degree of murder but means nothing about whether or not there will be a prosecution. >> the woman's name is angela corey, special prosecutor here does she have a history of this? what do we know about her. >> she is a hard core
7:36 am
prosecutors prosecutor which for people who want there to be a prosecution, that is good news and this is also not unusual she said she doesn't like to use grand juries because she is capable of doing all of this on her own you know normally a grand jury will do whatever the prosecutor wants the famous expression is it will endiet a ham sandwich if the prosecutor asks it to in this case there has been concern maybe if she believes there should be a special prosecution because this case is so controversial, grand jurors might not actually go the same way especially in sanford, so this is more protection the decision will be hers and hers alone. >> as far as george zimmerman goes his lawyers seem to welcome this. are you surprised by that? >> well, for them, i think it doesn't mean anything more than what it means for people who want there to be a prosecution it means the decision isn't going to be made by a group of people from the community rather by special prosecutor. >> okay when should we see a
7:37 am
decision, charges filed, when should we see some movement on that? >> some news reports said there might be an arrest this week she said she is taking her time she is doing a careful investigation because you know the interest is not only in an arrest for people who want there to be some kind of justice here, but also, if there is an arrest, there needs to be a good case, a lot of people are looking for some kinds of conviction frankly, consequences for people who think mr. zimmerman is guilty, this is the stage where she can kind of plan her case, carefully, so, there shouldn't be you know we never want to rush to judgment especially in a case like this. >> we have seen george zimmerman start a website, also taking donations for his legal defense here, what does this tell you paul? chef >> it tells me he doesn't have a lawyer now because no lawyer will let him do this the way he is doing it procedurally there is nothing wrong with it, he is not entitled to a government paid for lawyer during this stage of the investigation but
7:38 am
desperately needs one he is smart to want to get a very good lawyer but he is a little tone deaf for example he said on the website this is a life altering experience obviously it has been a little more life altering for trayvon he is not public relations savvy and not expected to be but needs to be guided by someone people are looking at him if there is a prosecution a lot of folks will remember this. >> right. professor paul butler you know we will have you back to help us go through as this case moves on it has been so i guess, even judged in the media, by people, such a highly charged case we appreciate you coming in. >> always a pleasure. >> of course, professor butler is at george washing phone law school. 7:38 a.m., traffic alert for drivers in northern virginia, still ahead why you might want to avoid parts of 395 during certain hours, all this week. >> in a move to combat the rise
7:39 am
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making headlines now remains believed to be that of an american service man killed during the vietnam war are headed to the united states for identification they were found in a provinces near the cambodian border and handed over to the united states yesterday at danang international airport since the war ended in 1975, more than 680 sets of remains have been repatriated from vietnam. relatives of a woman presumed killed in a colorado wild fire are questioning
7:43 am
whether authorities did everything to notify her to evacuate the family of ann appel says it would have take an firefighter 3 minutes to walk past the security chain and reach her house fire officials say standard safety procedures were followed the family says she was told the fire was a prescribed burn and crews were on the scene. cell phone companies are working with the government to make it more difficult to get people to sell stolen cell phones, senator chuck schumer says major carriers and fcc have agreed to set up a data base of identification numbers unique to each phone the cell phone carrier will be able to prominently disable a phone once it is reported stolen until now they have only been able to disable sim cards which can be swapped. >> tucker barnes joins us once again with more on today's weather forecast hello. >> good morning. >> good morning allison. >> how are you?
7:44 am
>> i like how we act like we are just seeing each other. >> some body might just be tuning in now. >> exactly. if you are just tuning in let me know the forecast looks fine. sunshine, cool, highs 60 degrees. >> still breezy. >> winds back as well live shot and to be honest with you, we need the rain not really in the forecast today, we are off to a smooth start weather wise. lucky we are going back to school and work. hey, there you go, 46 washington, 45 baltimore, 30s off to the north and west, hagerstown and dulles, reporting temperature 39. show you the winds and what happens is, they've calmed down overnight they will pick up again shortly, currently our wind speeds,ly reported as calm here in washington, gusts 25, 30, 35 miles an hour, later today and combine that with low humidity we have that increased fire risk again today red flag
7:45 am
warning which goes into effect noon today, and unlike yesterday, no showers in the afternoon forecast. we will be dry, maybe a few showers tomorrow, cool next couple days highs only in the 50s wednesday and thursday, gradual worm up, near -- warm up near 70s, need the rain not really here next 5 to 7 days. >> hmm. >> or next week. thank you tucker. >> here is julie with an update on this mornings rush hour traffic. >> is that julie wright now or julie, right now. >> julie right now >> i like julieing wright now. >> you are right. >> all right you guys on the loop of the belt way, slowing into the sunshine no problems to report inner loop, 95 to the green belt metro, 95 headed over towards georgia avenue, and 395, wall to wall traffic express lanes as you work in
7:46 am
toward the pentagon parking lot and this mainline as you continue northbound leaving the belt way to seminary road. inbound 14th street bridge, checking for one stop, heading out towards the third street tunnel. inbound 50, traffic stacked up to 410 out of river dale in the northeast. >> all right julie thank you. you know about this heads up for drivers, the hov leans on i- 395 virginia closed every night this week from the potomac river to springfield interchange, closure will begin 9:30 p.m., last until 3:30 a.m., the virginia department of transportation says the closures are needed, to install overhead signs and complete bridge painting, all roads will be open, over the weekend. riders on metro rail, may soon be able to buy an unlimited 28 day pass all part of a plan that will come before the board of directors today.
7:47 am
the washington post is reporting that the new path would cost $230 be available only on electronic smart trip cards, the plan includes an average of 5% increases for both rail and bus service. well, we certainly preach it on the morning show it is never too early to plan for the weekend. >> that's right. holly morris has details of a family fun event and it is free, hey, holly. >> hey guys, family, it is fun, it is for free and it is a creative outlet as well i am already doing ceramics here this morning as we are live at capitol hill arts workshop celebrating their anniversary we will tell you about it live next fox 5 morning news chef. >> looks like fun holly thank you we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day
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holly morris is live at the capitol hill arts workshop in southeast dc. >> they are playing host to the arts now a community move with chaw with an event this saturday good morning is it art
7:52 am
show. >> arts now is correct that is the event this weekend and chaw is correct, stands for capitol hill arts workshop they are celebrating their 40th anniversary and they are doing so in a big way come this weekend with a one of a kind not soon to be repeated interconnecting community moment, wow. >> wow. >> happy anniversary first and foremost. >> thank you i apologize for us taking 40 years to discover you here. >> we hope you will be back. >> we will come back but we will celebrate in a big way this morning let's talk about the mission of chaw. >> building communities through the arts we do that through offering arts education classes, primarily that is the main way we do it, we say for people of all ages children as young as two months come here all the way on up, i won't reveal how old our oldest student is and we have a number of different thing that is go
7:53 am
on, every month in our gallery, we have fantastic theatre in our black box theatre. >> you have an amazing space it is a beautiful building three floors stuff going on in every nook and yanni. >> that's correct and -- cranny. >> that's correct and we are here 6 days a week 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. we are getting ready to do our next series of adult classes and early childhood starts next week. >> give me the highlights of this saturday. >> the most exciting thing i think perhaps maybe the most impossible to accomplish which is why we would leftover everybody come we want -- we would want to have everybody come we want to circle the block chaw is on, it will take 800 people we have a hand dance to learn on our website at the appointed time of 11:40 a.m., 40 for 40th anniversary year we
7:54 am
hope to link hands and send the spirit back out to the community that has made it possible for us to be here. >> you are having classes throughout the day here for people to enjoy one thing they can find themselves involved in is ceramics which is why we are here now and why i am making my way over to jeremy who is the head ceramics person. >> that's right. >> right now. and he is also going to tell us about the empty bowls project which i have already been working on myself this morning so as i empty my bowl here, turn it upside down tell us what is going on. >> we do empty bowls a few times annually we donate the bowls to some so others may eat,. >> so it is a cool project, because first of all this is kind of a nonintimidating way to get involved. >> yes, anybody can do this, wehave a bowl mold people can come with no clay experience
7:55 am
and make bowls. >> when people go how is it you buy a meal and get to take the bowl home. >> yeah, they have a set up, a little minibowl gallery set up, you choose your bowl, you might get a famous ceramic potter in the area and get a cup of soup from the local restaurant. >> that is wonderful i love that. talk about the ceramic opportunities here in addition to doing the empty bowls project so people can find themselves involved in. >> next week we have classes starting for adult classes, open studio on wednesday. >> do you find adults, even those that are maybe more mature age are discovering this hobby for the first time? >> i think a lot of first time people are, and a lot of people who did it in their past are coming back and rejuvenating their ceramic skills and learning new stuff. >> you have a really nice space here. >> yeah, it is great we are down in the basement of chaw we have a nice open floor plan,
7:56 am
wheels in one section, handle in another, and glazing area. >> you can pretty much come and create and do whatever you want. >> come and create we have hand building wheel classes, and we have lab roller all the equipment you will need to have a little -- >> come and get in on the ceramic moment thank you so much with that don't forget there is our website we have a link to chaws website, they have lots of different opportunities here we are only able to show a few check it out and don't forget about that big preevent going on this saturday, you heard jill talk about the human chain, well, we will get a preview of that in our next hour they says the flash mob meets street festival. we will see what that means coming up. >> those look like big chocolates to me you are making me hungry >> i could eat a chocolate that size right now.
7:57 am
>> thanks holly. >> maryland lottery officials are just minutes away from releasing some details about the state's mega millions winner we will bring that press conference to you live. >> this saturday marks the 100th anniversary the titanic set sail coming up we will talk to a nationally recognized curator about the exhibit in las vegas that brings the historic ship to life with a collection of artifacts brought to the surface. :ló
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 a.m. on tuesday morning we are showing you a live picture from maryland lottery headquarters baltimore we are waiting a news conference there where after days of drama we expect to learn more about the true winner of that mega millions jackpot. felt like weeks of drama. also ahead maryland lawmakers may not be ready to take a gamble on table games in the state's casinos or the go ahead for a casino in prince georges county. how about what you pay in taxes just ahead the major work they
8:01 am
left undone at the legislative session as it came to a close. >> ladies before you get your next manicure what you should know about what is in that nail polish it may not be good for you or people putting it on your nails good morning i am tony perkins >> i am allison seymour welcome back to fox 5 morning news in the 8:00 a.m. hour let's listen to the press conference now. >> have worked together for many years n the public school system, of the state of maryland. it is the first time that the three friends had pooled their money together, one described themselves as a frequent numbers player of the maryland lottery, the other -- another one described themselves as an occasional scratch ticket player and the third, was essentially a nonplayer of the lottery except when the jackpots got really high, and she thought $656 million was sufficiently high, to play in
8:02 am
this jackpot. the trio each contributed $20 to the pool purchased 60 tickets total, one of the members purchased all of the tickets, at three different locations, retailer, in baltimore city, at a retail inner another county, and then at a third retailer that of course sold the winning ticket in baltimore county. a little color for what happened that night, that night, the woman who had purchased the tickets laid all the tickets out on her floor, watched the numbers be drawn, and then after seeing that in fact one of theirwin tickets had -- winning tickets had the winning numbers and after collecting herself from a state of disbelief contacted one of the other participants in the
8:03 am
group, they then called and had to wake up the third participant told this individual they were coming over, they thought the third participant thought that perhaps they were playing an early april fools joke on her but arrived at her home, some time midnight 1:00 a.m. in the morning, they all just kind of collected themselves looked over the ticket, they made a copy of the ticket, and they each sign add copy of the ticket from there the woman with purchased the ticket took it -- the woman who purchased the ticket took it to a relatives house where it was placed in a safe the next day or actually late that night maybe 3, 4:00 a.m., one of the participants contacted a baltimore area financial advisor, and made connection with him, to begin the process
8:04 am
of planning how they were going to claim this money and what they were going to do with it. in the intervening time it has also been explained to us there has been contact with attorneys to help them deal with the issue, from that, we had an opportunity to visit with them yesterday about what they plan to do while they don't have all their plans laid out for the money, here is a sense of what they told us what they plan to do, for one, they hope to take a backpacking trip through europe, with their brother, another winner wants to pay for his daughters college education and buy his sister a new house the other or another winner would like to go and tour
8:05 am
italy's wine country. all three plan to invest their money and at some point in time purchase new homes. all three winners work multiple jobs, one of them works two full time jobs and if i didn't say now would be an important time to highlight, that one of the winners is an elementary school teacher, another winner is a special education teacher, and the third winner provides administrative support all in the public school system of maryland. again, one of them works two full time jobs, another has a part-time job and a third has two other part-time jobs. all of them indicated they would continue and the teachers all said they plan at this point in time to remain public school teachers, not just
8:06 am
complete this school year but going forward. the state of maryland will receive $13 million in revenue from the claim, having split it three ways the after tax claim for each of the winners comes out to $34.997 million this is the second claim of the mega millions jackpot, and the kansas winner came forward on friday, i have -- don't believe the illinois winner has come forward yet. finally, let me just say, a couple things i think more personal observation about these winners, we were particularly pleased that these folks were able to come in, in the way they did, they were modest, they were i think
8:07 am
humbled by this stroke of luck that they have received, i think at times they were a bit overwhelmed. i would also say that we certainly understand that when people play the lottery, they want to win, you want to win, however, if it can't be you, these are precisely the people that you would want to see win the lottery, and it happened. finally, everyone in maryland takes pride in the state education system we are particularly proud of the fact that for four straight years maryland's public schools have been judged the best of all the states so that people who have participated and dedicated themselves to that system, were able to share in this winning, makes it even more rewarding
8:08 am
for us. so thank you very much, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. >> what did they say about the fact they didn't want to come forward, did they explain to you why they were concerned about this? >> let me maybe start here, the initial contact we received was probably mid-morning friday, from the financial advisor, he called me, and had just indicated the out set they were not interested in doing publicity, as i said earlier i think that you know they were very cheerful yesterday by think there was an element of them being a bit overwhelmed by the e norty of what it meant -- enormity of what it meant and publicity in light of what happened last week they were watching the news and had seen what was being said which was more than what they wanted to go through they were very
8:09 am
generous with their time gave us a lot of information we could get out there about who they are what they do, they even acknowledged there was -- they thought there would be interest in their story and just who were these people who won, this enormous jackpot, but it was not something personally they wanted to participate in. >> you say maryland public schools -- >> all right we have been listening to a press conference being held by the officials at the maryland state lottery that was steven martino there, the maryland lottery director the winners blew real have come forward, three -- plural, three winners who have come forward just sounds like as he was saying the you yourself couldn't win these are the type of people you would want to win the lottery, they are not coming they are not releasing their names they don't want to be known publicly want to remain anonymous but each of the three will receive after
8:10 am
taxes roughly $35 million >> i love that they are teachers work in public schools in maryland it is a great story >> i wish you all the pluck the world. >> absolutely good for you -- luck in the world. >> absolutely good for you congratulations. >> tucker barnes is with us with an update on this mornings weather. >> the rest of that press conference is streaming live >> to think i was only six numbers off. >> and the mega ball. >> oh, well. >> let's get to our numbers, these are winners too. no money associated with it. >> imagine if it was the three of us who won. >> oh, man that would be great >> they are going to stay on their jobs though. >> we will see how long that lasts. they are very dedicated. 73%, winds out of the south and west, 5 miles per hour cooler, our highs in the low 60s winds back later this afternoon so that red flag warning returning at 12 noon sentinel radar, no
8:11 am
shower activity expected clouds move in this afternoon after early sunshine, partly sunny afternoon, breezy and somewhat cooler than yesterday, highs low 60s average daytime high, 65 degrees a few degrees below normal, we will take a look at the 5 day in just a couple minutes. >> thank you. >> all right it is 8:11 a.m., now, still ahead a warning about nail polish, why some brands have potential to harm thousands of women. with the republican presidential nomination almost in mitt romney's back pocket, the attention is turning to his potential running mate. we will be right back  so, ah, your seat goodod?
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that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ while you were sleeping a car crashed into a capitol reflecting pool this happened 3:00 a.m. this morning police say after the crash two suspects fled the scene they both were taken into custody a short time later police also recovered a gun from inside that vehicle. maryland general assembly's
8:15 am
regular session has come to an end state lawmakers still have a lot of work to do the legislature could convene a special session some time this week to resolve financial issues after 90 days, lawmakers passed the bare bones budget that contained spending cuts not revenue increases because the assembly could not reach an agreement on two income tax proposals before the session ended lawmakers failed to approve a measure that would allow table games in the state's current casinos and would have allowed a casino to be built near the national harbour this is the first time in two decade it is legislature has not completed work on the budget during regular session. mislabeled nail products could potentially put more than 48,000 nail salon wn california at risk department of toxic substances control reports, substances that claim to be free of a chemical,
8:16 am
contained it four have dangerously high levels a report found five of seven products claiming to be free of the so called toxic trio contained one or more of them the chemicals are known to cause birth defects. >> all right. >> dangerous. >> we want to turn attention to what is happening on the roads, julie. all right you guys good morning to you both, once again inbound new york avenue, accident activity itself, moved over to the shoulder our lanes are open however big delays inbound 50, coming from 410, out towards south dakota 20 minute commute out of river dale, accident activity should be cleaned up and moved out of the roadway inner loop of the belt way, 25 minute tons belt way find delays travelling top stretch right into the sunshine leaving connecticut avenue, towards georgia avenue, no problems to report on the outer loop, leaving 95, headed around
8:17 am
towards georgia, southbound 108 for accident activity, german town headed out towards the split that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right thank you very much. even one of his biggest rivals seems to be conceding to some extent mitt romney will be the gop presidential candidate for 2012, so if he gets the nomination who will be his likely running mate well, there is a big pool of current contenders from his current and former republican rival, our guest to talk about this this morning is fred barbash the managing editor of cq weekly how they are mobilizing to make romney the next president and also, thanks for coming in. also how there is going to be some jockeying for position now although not in a public way, you know we are not going to see congress people for example senators saying i should be the
8:18 am
vice president. >> no, i think with you have to look at in the -- what you have to look at in the vice presidential choices what does romney need to win it will probably be a closed election he will need independent voters in a big swing state like ohio. >> he will need independent voters does he not need to shore up that conservative wing, some of whom question his potential >> that would be a second dare factor they are not -- secondary factor they are not going to vote for obama, i think they are pretty opener geezed he has to worry mostly, -- energized, he has to worry mostly, the serious gender gap his standing has fallen during the primary he has a lot of ground to make up he will have to make up a lot more ground once he has the nomination soy think he has to go -- those independent voters are critical in 6 or 7 key states. >> it is face nateing whenever
8:19 am
you come to this and choosing a vice presidential candidate because theoretically it should be someone who can step into the president's shoe ifs need be but really it is more about winning the election >> it is about winning the election although i think as john mccain learned if you get some body so patently not prepared that will hurt you so you've got -- i think it still is a test particularly after sarah palin a test for voters how responsible is the presidential candidate. i think that is more of a factor that it has been because of what happened with palin. >> let's talk about potentials on capitol hill you have identified. >> people talk about senator rubio from florida, who is indeed a very attractive candidate, and would give romney a little div.ty on the ticket he -- diverse on the ticket he really is as white as white can be on this campaign.
8:20 am
rubio it is perceived might draw some latino votes though i think, the latino community is more complicated than people realize, and rubio is cuban ancestry i am not sure how that will play in places like new mexico and colorado, i think some body like senator portman from ohio, in terms of some body who could take over some body who has an appeal to independence possibly, basically a moderate guy, good track record, good on budget that sort of thing, safe candidate, won't cause any problems might not bring a lot of people onboard, probably will help a lot in ohio. >> what about a paul ryan, eric cantor. >> cantor no, he has too much identification with the right, i don't think people on the hill trust cantor and i don't know romney would trust cantor on the ticket with him paul
8:21 am
ryan, probably make a wonderful presidential candidate however he is very much identified with some issues it is possible romney may want to de-emphasize like reform with medicare and medicaid, social security things that could weigh heavily in states like florida so ryan i don't know why he would want to give up his very strategic, powerful seat in the house like right now he is a member of the house he would have to give -- he couldn't run for reelects. >> seems to me it is not terribly likely any likelihood he would choose any of the people he has been running against? >> no one thing -- not polenti is a possibility who also brings some -- might help with the religious right but santorum and gingrich, no definitely not. >> all right. there is a fascinating article about this fred is cowriter of on the cover of cq weekly goes
8:22 am
into more detail about all this thank you for coming in sorely we are auto-- sorry we are out of time. >> thank you tony 8:21 a.m., step back for wal-mart's plans to bring a big box store to the district. >> more happening at the capitol hill art workshop. we will learn more about it and check in with holly later, 8:22 a.m., 46 degrees you're the best mom ever. thank you, sweetie. oh... ♪
8:23 am
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♪ delay for wal-marts plans to bring stores to dc the retail giant plans to open its first store end of 2013, but wal-mart had hoped to have four stores open in the district by the end of this year. wal-mart is expected to break ground this spring corner of georgia and missouri avenues northwest. according to reports t delay was caused by -- the delay was caused by resistance from activists and other opponents. >> federal government looking into the safety of montgomery ride on buses following a series of fires, six fires have broken out on smaller buses made by champion international, the county has 50 in its fleet,
8:26 am
the union representing ride on busoperatorme cantics says the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating, federal officials will look for manufacturing defectdecide if the fleet needs to be recalled. to virginia where students at a health training school held a rally to demand their money back because the school shut down. the students from act college say they were told they would have last tuesday off when they showed up for regular classes wednesday the school had closed, act college trains students in medical billing radiology, blood testing and other courses the students say they have paid for their classes and now they want a refund. >> we haven't heard anything about that i tried to get in contact with financial aid at this moment we cannot get our moneys back. >> no credit transfers in. >> no credit transfers. >> ability college has three campuses, -- act college has three campuses they went to the
8:27 am
ceos neighbourhood to demand direct answers. 8:26 a.m., mega mystery solved, next what maryland lottery officials had to say about the big winners. plus windy and dry weather conditions are causing big problems in the northeast, a progress report on a series of brush fires there next stay with us 8:27 a.m. [ dog barking ] mom! breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get. that's why i love nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast and even whole-wheat waffles. it's a quick and easy way to give my family a breakfast they'll want to eat. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. they love the taste and i feel good that they're ready to tackle the day. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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♪ ah. so much better than last year. [ both screaming ]
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food out the window! throw the food out the window! [ roaring ] never again. everyone deserves a great vacation at a great price. get onboard a carnival cruise and get more fun for all. [ horn blares ] 8:30 a.m., tuesday morning charges may be filed in the death of a 6-year-old in clinton maryland who accidentally shot himself he found a gun in a book bag he later died at a local hospital. this all unfolded yesterday afternoon at the home he was staying in, on arbutus lane. police say the book bag was owned by an unrelated 20-year- old man also staying at the house. maryland general assembly may have to go back into
8:31 am
special session to finish its work up its 90 day regular session ended last night they only passed a bare bones budget that contains spending cuts but not revenue increases because the assembly couldn't reach an agreement on two different income tax proposals before the session ended lawmakers failed to approve a measure to extend gambling in the state. >> expect dry windy weather for us it means another day under a red flag warning over concerns about possible brush fires look for a trio of states in the northeast that already means trouble firefighters have been working tirelessly, getting a handle on fires in new jersey, new york and connecticut the blazes have scorched hundreds of acres of land luckily no homes have been destroyed. >> amazing. >> a very real threat and all it takes is you know someone tossing a cigarette butt out of a car window or something like that, dry grass, lights and spreads quickly. >> you got to be careful.
8:32 am
>> a red flag warning again today i will she you in just a second. >> first some good news. >> let's do it. time now for our my first 5 photo of the day getting cute everybody, yep, this is i am not even going to work on this one. >> memphis. >> this is memphis and check it out he plays football for south german town panthers. >> he is so cute i love his hair. >> yeah,. >> that is an interesting style. >> mohawk. >> kind of a mohawk i don't think i have seen one that comes forward like that. >> that is why memphis is unique. all right >> i especially like him. >> i tell you why you will like him his parents say he always blushes when he sees you on tv. >> aww. >> someone has a crush. >> so adorable if only he were 40 years older. >> all right that is odd but
8:33 am
okay. >> i have more intelligence on this because memphis just celebrated his birthday, on my grandmothers birthday march 23rd his parents have been trying to get that photo in before and called me and said can we just send you a picture so we went through the whole thing you know his picture got uploaded there he is but he turned 6 i said don't worry about it we will squeeze you in. >> he is a cutie. >> have a great day memphis. >> all right thank you so much yes. >> there is flag football in the spring. >> i spoke out of turn. >> temperature cool, 50 degrees washington we are warming up, 30s an hour ago off to the north and west, temperatures generally mid-40s there you go sunshine getting up and warming things up 46 gaithersburg, 45 dulles, 37 right now in manassas, highs later today, cooler than yesterday, highs yesterday, upper 60s to 70s today, upper 50s low 60s maybe
8:34 am
8, 10 degrees coolererday guess be back too. your red flag warning, this time it goes into effect at noon, wind will take a few hours to get going combination, low humidity gusty winds dry atmosphere, across the mid- atlantic picked up a tenth of an inch of rain, more than that this month since march 1st, only an inch of rain we really need the rain, it is not in the forecast, red flag warning for another afternoon as winds gust to 40 miles an hour. we will see a few clouds move in, cool out there tonight and cold later this evening as the cold air works in from the north and west, freeze warning well west of the city, 62 today, a cool couple days wednesday and thursday maybe get lucky and squeeze a couple showers out tomorrow by friday and saturday warm up starts, 70 saturday, could be 80 by sunday and monday sunshine, nice warming trend as we get into the weekend that is your
8:35 am
weather tony i will toss it back to you. >> all right tucker thank you. finally in case you missed it a short time ago answers to the mega millions mystery in maryland lottery officials just held a news conference. >> three people have come forward to claim the winning ticket sold at a 7 eleven store 11 days ago, melanie alnwick is live with more on the big winners the officials said it best if you didn't win this is the group you hope would win. >> reporter: that's right. they said they were a nice bunch of people the three winners exactly the kind of people you would want to get such a jackpot as this employees of maryland's public school system each of them the lottery director said has been working multiple jobs to make ends meet they are calling themselves the three amigos they presented that ticket to the will theory didn't want -- lottery didn't want their faces shown wanted very little about
8:36 am
their identities out. here is what the director told us the trio is made up of a woman in her 20s man in his 40s woman in her 50s one is a special ed teacher one an elementary teacher one does add min support this is is first time the three of them have pooled money together for a lot we, each put in $20, and they bought 60 tickets. >> that night, the woman who had purchased the tickets, laid all the tickets out on her floor, watched the numbers be drawn, and then after seeing that in fact one of their winning tickets had the winning numbers and after i think collecting herself from a state of disbelief, contacted one of the other participants in the group, they then called and had to wake up the third participant, told this individual they were coming
8:37 am
over, they thought -- the third participant thought perhaps they were playing an early april fools joke on her,. >> you can imagine, you would probably thing it was an april fools joke well, it turns out also we had information earlier, that all they had done was purchase one ticket at one location turns out now they actually purchased $20 worth of tickets at three locations but the winning location is the same, that 7 eleven we have been talking about all morning winners elected to take cash payments lump sums, $34.997 million each it will be deposited into their accounts in 7 to 10 days the other thing so they bought 60 tickets one of them was the winner when they came here to the lottery the official said well, do you want us to check your other tickets they did and out of the remaining 59 tickets they only won, $1. >> wow. >> amazing. >> so melanie just to be clear,
8:38 am
the woman who last week was running around, saying hey, i've got a ticket i hid it at mcdonald's she has nothing to do with any of this that is all false. >> that's correct lottery officials didn't address herbie name but did -- her, by name but did reference the media reports and press conferences last week and said these three people that have come forward are the only winners of the mega millions jackpot in maryland. >> all right very good we congratulate them sounds like a great group of people thank you melanie. all right it is 8:38 a.m. on tuesday morning still ahead, a recall involving a popular ford vehicle what owners need to know and. >> learning from the past, ben bernanke addresses recent economic failures and looks ahead to the future
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
all right a reminder about the fox 5 job shop today's job of the day comes from lock heed martin in gaithersburg maryland, they are looking for a systems administrator, to see the rest of our listings, head to click on the link for the job shop. aheads up for a ford focus
8:42 am
-- for ford focus owners they are recalling 140,000 because of a windshield wiper problem a seal in motor wiring may be missing and could cause the wipers on the passenger side to fail the recall effects cars built august 2010 to october, 2011. u.s. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says the federal reserve is determined to learn from the past and working to address the failures exposed by the 2008 financial crisis, despite efforts he is still cautious during a speech in your jus last night he said america's -- georgia last night he said america's recovery is far from complete. >> even as we make progress, of known vulnerabilities bemust be aware our financial situation is evolving. indeed an inevitable side effect of new regulations the system will adapt in ways to
8:43 am
push risk taking from more regulated to less regulated areas increasing the need for careful monitoring and supervision of the system as a whole. >> one thing he did not touch on was last week's dispointing jobs report 120,000 jobs were created in march. 8:43 a.m., coming up a collection of art facts from the titanic after the break we are going to las vegas for a closer look. >> holly morris is standing by with details about a unique event good morning. >> good morning to you you know if you have always wanted to be part of a flash mob and are like i am not sure i can dance i have one for you i guarantee you can learn the moves, and celebrate a special anniversary in the process, it all has to do with capitol hill arts workshop we will tell you about ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol
8:46 am
and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? there is a great event going on at capitol hill arts workshop this saturday. holly morris is there to learn more about the community
8:47 am
moment. hey holly. >> reporter: it is going to be a moment the exact moment is going to be 11:40 a.m., on saturday, but it is a whole lot more than just that, victoria is on the board she joins me outside, happy anniversary. >> thank you. >> reporter: so there is a lot of play about the moment let's talk a little bit about this flash mob meets street festival moment. >> right to celebrate our 40th anniversary here at capitol hill arts workshop we are going to spontaneously gather here on the street in a carnival like atmosphere. >> reporter: we are planning for the spontaneous gathering. >> exactly. we will have roving musicians, ballet dancers ands, at one point we will gather together we have whole choreographed dance planned, a hand dance that will allow us to spontaneously connect and celebrate 40 years of chaw.
8:48 am
>> reporter: earlier we were talking about it i think what you are trying to get 800 people. >> yeah, we are hoping for about 800 so we can surround the place and really celebrate >> i have been talking about this all morning the fact we haven't been here you have a wonderful building and this little street festival is a way to kind of get the message out all that goes on here how can people, i know you want them here for the 11:40 a.m. moment but how can they make the most of that day and your mission. >> the whole thing will start 11:00 a.m. where we will have the roving dancers ands and folks around, then we will connect at 11:40 a.m. and that sort of hand dance choreographed moment and then continue the celebration inside chaw pottery, pizza, ice cream, family, friends, skate boards, and we will have a workshop. >> you want people to come for the day not just the moment. >> it is about from 11 to 1:30 p.m. saturday and the moment is
8:49 am
11:40 a.m. >> if you want a heads up how to be part of the moment heidi has the dance department chair leading our small little human chain come over. so let's talk about this human chain and the dance that we all have to learn. >> are you ready? >> i am ready are you ready? >> i am not ready. all right so we are going to start with 10 claps of growth so we start down here one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten then do five years of raining love one, two, three, four, five and five years of joyous sunshine, one, two, three, four, five. >> if only you had put more thought into this. this is great i love it. >> then we are going to bring our hands together left hand on top. >> we have to go, breaking news we need to check in but you are going to come back to us stay tuned.
8:50 am
we have more on fox 5 allison. >> thank you as the world reflects on 100 years since the launch and eventual sinking of the titanic, there is a new voyage back in time to remember stories of those aboard joining us with more information about titanic the art fact exhibition, alex, vice president of collection and exhibitions rsm titanic incorporated how are you. >> good morning. >> you are joining us from the luxor in las vegas can you tell us what visitors will see there. >> yes, a wonderful experience in store for them behind me you see the large etc. tall section of tie -- largest tall section of titanic ever conserved this is the largest piece, up close and personal with this art fact as well as wonderful things we have here
8:51 am
that tell storys from the steering wheel to come pass to the passenger stories, things we have recovered that tell their story, it is a full gamut of things for everyone to see china such as this from second class so i think it tells the entire story has an interactive iceberg so you can touch that iceberg and discover how cold the water really was that night on that tragedy >> my goodness for history buffs and others, what a fantastic opportunity and it is not just in las vegas will this travel alex? how do we see this exhibit in other cities like kansas city, houston detroit and orlando. >> go to our website and all the exhibitions and dates and times and fees for it but you are right atlanta, orlando and vegas are permanent at the moment we have others in kansas city houston san diego any where you travel, you can
8:52 am
actually probably see one of our titanic exhibitions and experience titanic at a personal level. >> we are seeing more of the artifacts alex if you could just tell us about what visitors will see. i want to know everything about it we saw clothing what else is on. >> you are seeing telegraph and some of the sets, iceberg everyone is touching and that is a really good interactive for everyone and this is the memorial wall and we give you a boarding pass at the beginning so you can identify with one of the passengertheir story and at the end discover if you were one of the survivors or victims it is a personal way to experience the story of titanic. >> wow that is chilling, i would like to know why you think the conservation, the history showing the artifacts why it is so intriguing and important in 2012. >> well, it is 100 year
8:53 am
anniversary we want to commemorate the event and remember those whose lives were changed forever you can do that really easily by seeing the argument facts that went through the experience as well -- artifacts that went through the experience as well they speak volumes we can't put into text or words it is an emotional experience and there is something that could touch everyone here. >> what do you think the future holds? we are celebrating a somber anniversary 100 years of this voyage but moving into the future now, how do you thing we will sort of remember the titanic? >> i have think we will continue to remember her the way we do, it resonates with everyone globally, we have shown it to 500 people all of them remember it with great -- 2500 people all of them remember it with great heart felt memory. we want to continue our research to continue to tell the stories of titanic. >> gain one more time where can
8:54 am
people get more information if they want to see this exhibit? >> rms our website and will list all the exhibitions around the country. >> thank you for joining us for a little time this morning. >> thank you so much. tony, 15 tonnes. >> yeah, fascinating. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day harry now that is not harry this woman is aida clark she turned 101 years old yesterday. happy birthday to you aida harry says he wants her to see herself on tv so of course we hope that she is watching. harry thank you for writing in and sending in her beautiful picture if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to our facebook page search fox 5 morning news and leave a comment. let's look now at today's my fox half off deal this one
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comes from figaros salon for just $24 get a shampoo, cut and style a $65 value. >> really good. >> to get in on this deal go to look for the my fox half off symbol logo on the right side of the moment page. >> we know eating junk food can pack on the pounds but you may be shocked at how quickly the fat starts working against your body we have that ahead in this mornings medical team. >> also next hour, some relief on the way for people who have their cell phones stolen, why the thief may not get away with much at all. we will tell you about that, right now 8:55 a.m., we will be right back 
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8:58 am
good morning i am allison seymour. >> i am tony perkins. at 9, mega curiosity maryland
8:59 am
winners of that historic mega millions jackpot come forward. melanie alnwick is live. also voter fraud, eric holder doesn't think it is a problem but one group used his name at the polls. this was caught on camera they used a hidden camera to do it i will speak with the founding member of this organization. and out of time, the 2012 maryland session comes to an end, lawmakers still have a lot to do we have a look at the bills that passed and ones that didn't, and what happens now with the state budget. >> later, i will introduce you to an airport who touches the lives of others coming up. great story. >> right now tucker barnes standing by to tell us what we can expect today outside hey tucker. >> tony more sunshine in the forecast temperatur


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